Why Attend?

Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect from attending Engage 2020!

1. Change the scenery:

Attending webinars, reading blogs, downloading reports – it can be great, but it doesn’t get you out of your daily work environment. Disconnecting from work to experience an event brings a different dimension to the way you apply your new knowledge when you get back to the office.

2. Break out of your comfort zone:

Live events help you break through the everyday norm and learn something new. Engage 2020 gives you a unique opportunity to explore and develop new approaches to your challenges and objectives with fellow retailers, Aptos representatives, technology partners and industry experts.

3. Educate yourself:

Sure we all have the web at our fingertips. But sometimes breaking through the noise and overwhelming amount of data the web offers is just what you need to get the answers you’re looking for. Tap into a sea full of industry and solution experts at Engage, to get the answers and explanations you’re looking for.

4. Join the journey:

Learn first-hand where Aptos is heading with the ongoing development of your solutions. Influence the future direction of your solutions by giving input in what you’re looking for to aid your retail transformation, and take a guided leap into understanding the current and future capabilities of your solutions.

5. Sharpen the saw:

You may already be an Aptos solution pro, but there’s always room for improvement. Engage is the perfect opportunity to step away from your desk and sharpen your solution skills. Consider how your area of business is transforming in response to evolving competitive dynamics, shopping trends and customer expectations – including the need for singular commerce to deliver seamless experiences.

6. Make a friend (or a few):

Aptos Engage puts you in a room with hundreds of like-minded people, retail experts just like you! Now is the time to find a friendly face, shake a hand, make a friend. Share your experiences, extend your professional networks and leverage connections with other retailers and industry influencers.

7. Unleash your creativity:

Conferences aren’t supposed to be stuffy (but grab a sweater … because they are chilly). They’re supposed to be fun and inventive. Engage 2020 is the time to tap into your creative side and bring new ideas back to your business. Review new technologies and solutions that will help you adapt quickly and effectively to change. You can also schedule an appointment to talk with experts who can help you create a plan or put your current one into action.

8: Give back to a great cause:

Last year at Engage we raised nearly $20,000 for RetailROI, and this year we’re doing it again! Everyone at Engage 2020 will have the opportunity to participate in a special fundraising activity. All proceeds will go back to RetailROI, supporting children in need – with clean water, schools, computer labs, skills training, orphanages, famine relief and more.

9. Take your Aptos expertise back to the team:

The knowledge you gain, the ideas you develop and the network you create at Engage 2020 will benefit your entire team. Head back to business after the conference and share everything you gain at Engage with other members of your team. Work together to propose an action plan that will empower your team to use the platform even more efficiently. The knowledge you take from Aptos Engage 2020 will ensure ongoing ROI of your Aptos solutions..

10. Carpe Diem:

Conferences are fun, live events with other people. You work hard which means you deserve fun! Aptos Engage 2020 is the place to mix business and fun – with inspiring presentations, efficient meetings, networking dinners, charitable opportunities, good food, drinks, entertainment and more! So hop on a car, bus, plane, train or whatever mode of transportation you choose and join us in fabulous Las Vegas for Aptos Engage 2020!