Noel Goggin

Cultural Leader & CEO, Aptos

Culture Leader

25 years in technology solution leadership, including Epicor Retail, JDA, RedPrairie, Store Perform and Ecovate.

About Noel:

Noel is a naturally curious person and an avid traveler, having visited 44 states in the US as well as 37 countries across the globe. He is also a sports fanatic, both as spectator and player, and he especially enjoys soccer, golf, skiing, and Hurling, the fastest game on grass and the national pastime of his native country of Ireland.

Noel on the Aptos Way:

“Many companies are fraught with politics, confusion and, as Jim Collins would put it, ‘genius with a thousand helpers.’ Working with startups helped to frame my view that the people are far more capable than they realize, and that by providing a healthy working environment where players can express themselves, be empowered, and focus on results, I believe that Aptos can provide a great environment where the ‘good guys’ want to work, free from politics and focused on enabling our customers to drive game changing business results.

“Growing up on a farm has taught me the value of transparency, responsibility and hard work. I believe that most people want to feel part of a winning team, to engage our customers in a more personal and rewarding manner, and to identify with community goals that are larger than ourselves.”

My Sessions

Welcome Keynote: Better Together!

Engage 2017

Noel Goggin and his guests share where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished, and where we’re headed, along with perspectives on the dramatic and disruptive forces facing retailers today. You’ll hear Noel’s vision on how – together – we can successfully navigate the changing landscape.


Welcome Dinner

Grand Ballroom West

Join us for dinner and entertainment as we celebrate commercial and charitable achievement within the Aptos community.