Super Sessions

A Front Line View into The Future of Retail: Gen Z Panel

We’re bringing back one of Aptos’ most popular sessions: a panel of — largely Gen Z — frontline retail workers provide insights into what today’s customers want and expect, how they view their own generation’s approach to shopping and what that means for the future of retail.

One Aptos Customer’s Journey Through Digital Transformation

Gain insights on digital transformation. This Aptos customer walks you through their entire experience — and its impact on the enterprise, the store and the future.


Pete’s Opening Keynote

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Aptos Solution Strategy: Earning Trust and Driving Value

Get insight into exactly how Aptos is working hard to help your enterprise stay on top of the retail market. In this session, our product and strategy leaders walk you through the market needs driving R&D investments, the architecture principles and development processes shaping our product organization and the progress we’re making in executing our vision.

Sitting in the Hot Seat: CIOs Top Challenges and Opportunities

Technology is changing is faster than ever. In fact, it’s only outpaced by shifting consumer demand agitated by economic uncertainty. In this session, CIOs from top brands discuss their challenges, opportunities and hot takes on the latest technology innovations and their potential in the retail industry.

TBD: VF Spotlight Keynote

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TBD: CH Spotlight Keynote

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The Adventure of Business

Jamie Clarke believes that the passion that drives an adventurer is akin to that of a business leader…and he should know. The renowned adventurer and founder & former CEO of the Canadian retailer Live Out There Inc. has successfully transferred the ideas, skills, lessons and passion from summiting the world’s highest peaks. With his trademark spirit and high-energy, Clarke excites audiences as he draws parallels to the dynamic environments found in the office and in nature to provide business leaders with the framework to achieve success in any competitive setting. Clarke shows how to adapt to forces outside of one’s control and uphold one’s mission despite distractions and dangers, all while encouraging a healthy dose of risk balanced with an ample measure of humility. Simply put: Clarke delivers insights and strategies for taking one’s organization to the peak and conquering the adventure of business.

TBD: NB Spotlight Keynote

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Commerce Solutions

Focus on the processes and solutions that will help you attract and retain customers, maximize in-store sales and fulfill demand from every channel. The Commerce Track at Engage features high-impact customer case studies, best practices, tips and tricks that can help you go beyond typical implementation. Learn how you can leverage Aptos ONE POS, Store, OMS and CRM to keep up with the ever-changing shopper as they engage in retail’s most successful asset: the store.

Customer Case Study: Forman Mills – CRM and the Power of Loyalty

Join Stan Lucas, VP of Marketing and Insights at Forman Mills, as he recaps their recent 45-store/400-POS CRM and Loyalty implementation. Stan will share the highs and lows of a journey that started last year, right here at Engage 2022. He’ll cover his 5 key factors that kept them on the path to success and 3 of the biggest wins they’ve experienced since rollout. We all know that no project goes exactly as planned, so grab a seat, get comfortable and listen as Stan spills the tea on one of Forman Mills’ largest customer knowledge projects ever.

Demo Walk-Through: Aptos ONE POS

Join the Aptos ONE team as they take you through the latest capabilities of Aptos ONE POS, plus a preview of the next release.

Hot Topic: Omni Agility and Profitability

Retailers face a difficult challenge: selling over-stocked inventories with the best margins and least moves possible. All while managing a broader range of store types, reducing safety stock and positioning inventory closer to the customer. What can retailers do to manage this complexity? Join us to learn.

Localization & POS: An Update on Fiscalization

Stay up-to-date on localization. In our annual review, we share the latest trends in localization and fiscalization, and how they may impact your stores differently depending on country.

Taking the Weight off your Shoulders – How to Leverage CRM Managed Services

Hear how you can take advantage of the best-kept secret at Aptos to get the most out of your CRM solution. The Aptos CRM Managed Services team can help you with everything from managing your customer data and loyalty programs to list selections, scripts and ad-hoc requests. Join John Miller-Thompson, Senior Principal Professional Services Consultant to discover your opportunities.

Tips & Tricks: Separating the Wheat from the CRM Chaff – How to Identify your Best Customers

Let your customers shine and reap the rewards of their increased spend. In this session, John Miller-Thompson, Senior Principal Professional Services Consultant at Aptos, guides you step by step on how to segment your customer database and find your best customers.

Customer Case Study: Omnichannel Growth at Snipes with OMS

Join the Snipes team as they discuss how they’ve leveraged Aptos OMS to build a tremendously successful 2022.

Hardware and Ergonomics in Stores: Options and Opportunities

Learn the latest on in-store devices. Aptos’ experts and hardware partners share the options and opportunities available to you today, how to approach usability and ergonomics and insights on where hardware heads next.

Hot Topic: Payment Innovations

What are the top trends impacting Payments in 2023 and beyond? Join this session to learn the latest in Payment innovations.

Mobile Store Fulfillment and You!

See how mobile can help you convert every opportunity. In this session, you’ll learn how the Mobile Aptos Store Fulfillment Application can make your stores teams more productive and drive more omnichannel sales.

The Power of Real-Time Inventory with Unified Commerce

It’s harder than ever to keep pace with customer demand. See how Aptos’ suite of Unified Commerce solutions orchestrates the connection between customers and products in real time.

Customer Case Study: The Realities of Mobile in Stores, A Store Ops Perspective

Learn how you can prepare your stores and associates for successful adoption of Mobile. In this case study, our Aptos ONE customer shares the challenges overcome, lessons learned and insights gained when implementing in-aisle sales.

Hot Topic: Defining “Modern” Loyalty

Web3. Unlocks and Easter Eggs. NFTs. Are these what’s needed for modern loyalty? Or is it more about personalization and experiences? In this discussion, you’ll learn what makes up modern loyalty and where retailers are investing.

Hot Topic: Using Events and Community to Drive Store Traffic

Consumers want to come back to stores. Retailers want them to come back to theirs, often speaking of investing in more “experiential” retail to make it happen. But experiences are hard, and retailers have to do a lot to execute them consistently. Join this session to learn how.

OMS Results: The Fastest-Growing Omnichannel Use-Cases

With the return to stores and all the other changes in consumer shopping behavior, we’re seeing big changes in where demand comes from. What does a retailer need to do to fulfill that demand, wherever the inventory may be? Join us as we walk through the hottest omnichannel use cases out there, plus perspective on where omnichannel might go next.

Tips & Tricks: Store App Builder

Learn how to design custom experiences in Aptos Store that meet the unique needs of your business and customers. In this session, we share how to use AppBuilder to craft differentiated experiences and create competitive advantage.

Customer Success

Gain the most value from your technology to overcome increasing complexity and drive more value for your retail enterprise. From customer portals and product direction to enhanced implementation methodologies, the Customer Success Track features all the ways Aptos can help you deploy, manage and utilize our solutions to get the most out of our partnership.

APIs at Aptos

Find out everything you need to know about Aptos’ growing portfolio of APIs. See which solutions have APIs available, and how you can access them, while learning new use-cases through live implementations.

Customer Case Study: Working with Your Customer Success Manager

In 2022, we introduced our Customer Success Team, providing you a single point of contact for all of Aptos. In this case study, you’ll follow one customer’s journey alongside the Customer Success Team, illustrating how you can get the most out of the resource.

How To Influence Product Direction: PACs vs. PRMs

Aptos is investing to increase your input and influence over our product direction. Learn about our new and upcoming Product Review Meetings (PRMs), small-group sessions where customers can provide direct input into solution capabilities and user experience — and how you can get involved.

Aptos Unified Commerce: An Update on Platform and Plans

Get up-to-date on Aptos ONE, our Unified Commerce platform and means of delivery for Aptos ONE POS, our cloud-native Point of Sale solution. In this session, our head technology architect shares our progress on the platform and where we’re headed next.

Customer Input to Product Direction: The Customer Ideas Portal

Introducing Aptos’ new Aha! Ideas Portal, a way for you to share ideas that could be incorporated into our product roadmaps. Learn about how the Ideas Portal works, what to expect when submitting an idea and how we plan to roll it out across our suite of solutions.

Introduction to A-Squared: Agile at Aptos, a Professional Services Methodology

Get the first look at A-Squared, Aptos’ new agile implementation methodology. See how it works, what you can expect and how it helps you deliver focused value on time and on budget — while reducing risk and timeline.

Customer Case Study: Agile Implementation Methodology at New Balance

Glean from the lessons New Balance learned on their journey from waterfall implementation to one based on agile methodologies. In this session, you’ll get insight into key aspects of the transition, including speed, risk, roles and responsibilities.

Customer Portal: Your Window into Aptos Solutions, Help Desk, and More

Learn how you can get the most out of Aptos Customer Portal. In this discussion, we share our latest updates, including new dashboards, documentation, capabilities and more.

Making SaaS Migrations Easy

Is your enterprise running old, on-premise versions of Aptos Store, CRM, Merchandising or AOM? In this session, we share our approach to sunsetting old versions, plus what we are putting in pace to make the transition to SaaS as painless as possible.

Enterprise Solutions

Ensure you always have the right products in the right place, at the right time, to drive customer engagement and sales. The Enterprise Track at Engage highlights how to easily and profitably track and leverage sales, inventory and performance with Aptos Merchandising, Audit and Operations (AOM) and Analytics.

AOM’s Best Kept Secret: Loss Prevention

Level up your Loss Prevention. Hear first-hand how this expert’s unique approach leverages custom reporting and exception tracking to unlock powerful Loss Prevention capabilities from Aptos AOM — and how you can, too, to protect your operations.

Customer Case Study: Merch and WMS, Better Together

Hear how customers have reaped major rewards by augmenting Merchandising with Aptos WMS. Paired together, these two solutions are helping retailers grow across every sales channel and expand.

Customer Panel: Sales Audit Best Practices

Regardless of vertical, business size or sales channel, Sales Audit is instrumental in achieving retail business objectives. Join our dynamic panel of diverse Sales Audit clients to glean from their unique experiences and learn the real-world benefits of our robust solution.

Making the Most of Aptos Merchandising: “The Doctor is In!”

Aptos has placed our Merchandising solution experts at your disposal. Drop in on this session to get your most pressing questions answered, learn something new, or simply check in on the depth of Aptos Merchandising and its capabilities.

Tips & Tricks: Sales Audit Hidden Gems

Unlock the full potential of Sales Audit. Discover new and unknown capabilities, learn to leverage familiar functionality in new ways and more with optimal results. These hidden gems will help you get the most out of Sales Audit, whether you’re a seasoned user or getting started.

Are You Maximizing the Value of Merchandising Allocation, Forecasting & Replenishment? The AF&R Health Check

Are you getting the most out of Aptos Allocation, Forecasting & Replenishment? Learn how you can assess whether you are maximizing Aptos AF&R and get tips to leverage its capabilities better for immediate benefits in this session.

Customer Case Study: New Balance and How To Plan the Inventory Side of Pop-Ups

How was New Balance able to pull off their very successful NYC Marathon pop-up? Take a peak behind the scenes on the planning, forecasting and buying before the event — and how Aptos ONE gave them the flexibility to do so while simultaneously supporting everyday operations — with James Hawkins, Director, Global Retail Technology, at New Balance.

Hot Topic: How Real is RFID?

One topic certainly divides retailers: RFID is either a huge benefit to the business, or it is an unproven technology with no business case. While we won’t settle that argument (yet), we will look at why companies are making a new run at RFID’s use case, where it can help your business and what you need to get there.

Merch Tips & Tricks, Vegas-Style

Discover things you never knew you could do with Aptos Merchandising. We invite you to try your luck to reveal powerful tips and tricks in this interactive session.

Customer Case Study: Crocs and The Challenges of Allocations and Analytics in an International Landscape

What do you need to consider to stay competitive in a fast paced, constantly changing and international retail landscape? Crocs shares how Allocation, Replenishment and Analytics helps solve the challenges of global retail today.

Customer Panel: Merchandising Best Practices

Learn how to get the most out of Aptos Merchandising. In this panel, longtime Aptos customers share lessons learned, decisions made and the best practices they use to power their business.

Hot Topic: Tight Margins Drive New Scrutiny of Inventory Performance

Higher costs vs. softening demand are placing pressure on retail margins. How are retailers looking to protect margins through inventory performance during these challenging economic times?

The Power of Unified Analytics

Extract exactly what will drive the most value from your data. We show you how to easily and seamlessly move through, and make sense of, mountains of data to gain a consolidated, holistic view of your entire enterprise.


Explore today’s pricing trends, hear how leading retailers are navigating tough market challenges, and learn how to get the most value from your Revionics solutions. Plus, get an up-close look at the latest pricing innovations from the Revionics product team.

From AI to shelf: How science influences the customer pricing journey

Pricing has impacts beyond just margins. In this session, we’ll bring to life the science behind your pricing decisions by examining the influence it has on the customer buying experience.

Price Perception 180: How Leading Retailers Can Improve Perception Despite Rising Costs

As inflation rates remain elevated, retailers continue to feel the pressure of high costs and squeezed margins. And yet, many consumers feel retailers need to do more to bear the burden.
Protecting your perception in today’s market does not have to come the price of your profits. Learn how leading retailers have found a way to balance customer needs and financial drivers with a holistic approach to price increases driven by analytics.

The Real Retail Power of AI-driven Forecasting

Unlocking the power of flexible, scalable and innovative AI to improve forecasting accuracy and confidence, and ultimately increase profitability.

Insight at Engage Opening Keynote

Learn the latest on how Revionics is leveraging insights from retailers like you to help you adapt quickly and thrive in the modern retail market. In this session, Revionics GM, Scott Zucker shares the investments we are making to help our customers tackle retail’s top challenges, capitalize on prime opportunities and succeed in 2023 and beyond.

Revionics Product Vision

Addressing today’s retail challenges requires a platform built for change. See how Revionics is continuously evolving our platform and solutions to accelerate innovation.

Unlocking the future of retail promotions

Get the first look at Revionics’ new promotions optimization solution. See how we’re building the solution that enables personalized, omnichannel and inventory-aware promotions for tomorrow’s sophisticated shopper.

Leading Through Transformation

A look at what it takes for organizations to successfully navigate change management, and how individuals can overcome obstacles and lead as champions for change and advocates for adoption.

The Pricing Challenge Forecast

What’s next for retail? In this session, we’ll cover pricing trend and challenge predictions for the next 12 – 24 months, including inflation and disinflation, recession rumors, ecommerce and the influence of social media, how to recapture customer loyalty and more, as well as review strategies for future-proofing your pricing against any disruption.