Why Attend?


Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect from attending Engage 2017!


1. Professional development:

Upgrade your capabilities and productivity by increasing your knowledge of your Aptos solutions and related retail processes.


2. Innovation:

Explore and develop new approaches to your challenges and objectives with other retailers, Aptos representatives, technology partners and industry experts.


3. Answers:

Tap into a conference full of industry and solution experts, including our Ask an Expert sessions where you can discuss specific issues directly with Aptos professionals—at a much lower cost than through on-site consultations.


4. Insight:

Consider how your area of the business is changing—or should change—in response to evolving competitive dynamics, shopping trends and customer expectations, including the need for singular commerce to deliver seamless experiences.


5. Foresight:

Learn where Aptos is heading with the ongoing development of your solutions, influence the direction of your solutions, and go wide and dive deep on understanding current and future capabilities.


6. Engagement:

Share your experiences, extend your professional networks, and leverage connections with other retailers.


7. Progress:

Review new technologies and solutions that will help you adapt more quickly and effectively to change.


8: Planning:

Schedule a planning appointment to talk with experts who can help you plan or put your plans into action.


9. ROI:

Boost the return on the investment you have already made in your Aptos solutions, while attending with minimum time away based on the conference location in Florida.


10. Benefits for your entire team:

Share the knowledge and value you gain at Engage with other members of your team (propose a specific dissemination plan).